R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

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Component Default Assignee
Accuracy R-core
Issues related to accuracy
Add-ons R-core
Issues with add-ons
Analyses R-core
Documentation R-core
Issues in the documentation
Graphics R-core
Issues related to graphics
I/O R-core
Issues related to the input/output system
Installation R-core
Language R-core
Low-level R-core
Mac GUI / Mac specific Simon Urbanek
Issues specific to the Mac GUI or the Mac OS
Misc R-core
Issues that cannot be classified otherwise
Models R-core
Bugs related to models
S4methods R-core
S4 methods
Startup R-core
Issues during startup
System-specific R-core
Issues particular to a platform other than Windows or Mac OS
Translations R-core
Windows GUI / Window specific R-core
Issues specific to the Windows GUI or the Windows OS
Wishlist R-core
Feature suggestions and wishes