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33 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
15388 R I/O R-core UNCO --- print.object_size: units should default to "auto", not "b" 2013-09-10
15810 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Negative zero in labels returned by cut() 2015-12-24
16409 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Autocomplete should work inside brackets without a space 2015-06-03
16427 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Errors/Warnings using seek on a gz connection 2015-11-18
16520 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Chinese Locale breaks File Read with UTF-8 2015-08-24
16529 R I/O R-core UNCO --- write() adding wrong separator char 2015-11-02
16539 R I/O R-core UNCO --- capture.output forgets character encodings 2015-09-21
16738 R I/O R-core UNCO --- cannot handle null bytes (in UTF-16) 2016-02-29
16784 R I/O R-core UNCO --- file.path(unknownEncoding, UTF-8Encoding) -> unknownEncoding, unlike paste(). Causes file routines to fail. 2016-03-25
16817 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Do not print a blank line when printing a matrix with blank named dimnames 2016-04-10
16844 R I/O R-core UNCO --- write.csv without quotes when chr columns comes first and row.names = FALSE 2016-04-18
16881 R I/O R-core UNCO --- readChar() on url() returns inconsistent number of characters 2016-05-19
17135 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Event loop deadlock + libcurl problem 2016-08-31
17164 R I/O R-core UNCO --- socketConnection closes and reopens server sockets after each incoming connection, losing any concurrent arrivals 2016-10-12
17196 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Output text connections are not writable in all cases 2016-12-23
17289 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Inconsistent NA handling in scan() 2017-06-16
17334 R I/O R-core UNCO --- On Windows, list.files show hidden files 2017-08-30
17337 R I/O R-core UNCO --- file.copy(directory, file, overwrite=TRUE, recursive=FALSE) makes 0-length file, returns different values on Linux and Windows. 2017-09-11
17350 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Print method for POSIXt incorrectly displays fractions of a second 2017-10-08
17429 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Format 'units' parameter does not accept Exabyte and Yottabyte args (EB,YB) 2018-09-05
17458 R I/O R-core UNCO --- Packages can't override the print method for data frames 2018-08-31
15027 R I/O R-core NEW --- max.print is ignored for matrix headers 2012-08-23
15762 R I/O R-core NEW --- readLines() corrupts UTF-8 characters on Windows with open connections 2014-04-21
15951 R I/O R-core NEW --- when including row names, write.csv and write.table write inconsistent column name lines. 2014-08-26
15971 R I/O R-core NEW --- Inconsistent treatment of character vectors with read.table or read.csv 2014-09-10
16275 R I/O R-core NEW --- read.fortran doesn't recognise D format 2015-03-20
16311 R I/O R-core NEW --- It would be nice if system2 could generally set environment variables from env argument 2015-04-14
16359 R I/O R-core NEW --- read.csv corrupts connections 2015-05-01
16434 R I/O R-core NEW --- In the R terminal, right-arrow or Ctrl-E locks out further keyboard input 2015-06-20
17382 R I/O R-core NEW --- Fail to read STDIN non-blocking-ly on Windows 2018-02-02
16066 R I/O R-core ASSI --- segfault of rawConnectionValue 2014-11-15
16603 R I/O R-core ASSI --- Control-C on incremental-search-backward behaves oddly 2016-07-09
15941 R I/O R-core REOP --- Long, multiple-expression console input causes premature EOF 2014-08-21
33 bugs found.


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