Wed Jan 24 2018 07:38:12 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
17381 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- Incorrect POSIXct duplicates from anyDuplicated(), duplicated() and unique() for data.frame 00:34:06
17378 R Low-leve R-core NEW --- deparse(x, control="all") worse than deparse(x) when x contains formula Thu 16:35
16107 R Language R-core ASSI --- throws warning for NULL 21:48:06
17280 R Wishlist R-core CLOS FIXE Wishlist: to include value for unused factor level Sat 19:10
17379 R Language R-core CLOS FIXE trace(<ns>:::<fun>) does not trigger Fri 08:29
17380 R Document R-core CLOS FIXE typo in doc/NEWS.2 Mon 08:35
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