Thu Mar 30 2017 22:42:40 UTC
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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
17122 R Low-leve R-core UNCO --- mclapply drops warnings when options(warn=0) 2017-03-24
17245 R Add-ons R-core UNCO --- all.vars does not work with byte-compiled expressions 2017-03-24
17248 R Wishlist R-core UNCO --- font fallback for Devices Tue 01:10
17250 R Low-leve R-core UNCO --- ?pkg::fn() throws an error 14:29:02
16918 R Analyses R-core ASSI --- With near-equal numbers in 'by', gives extra row Mon 13:21
17247 R Document R-core ASSI --- undocumented behavior of "!" in plotmath 06:57:17
17249 R Analyses R-core ASSI --- Bug in nlm(): wrong Cholesky decomposition of analytic Hessian 19:55:02
17138 R Analyses R-core CLOS FIXE latexToUtf8 hangs for certain unrecognized LaTeX macros Tue 23:20
17189 R Installa R-core CLOS FIXE R-devel does not set CXX1X, CXX1XSTD on compilers without full C++11 support 2017-03-24
17224 R Misc R-core CLOS WONT ordered() with missing x arg throws an error Wed 23:04
17232 R Document R-core CLOS WONT Unexpected/Undocumented behavior with paste, an empty input, and the collapse argument Wed 11:03
17235 R Models R-core CLOS FIXE named arguments in terms.formula (termsform in stats/model.c) Wed 10:56
17246 R Add-ons R-core CLOS FIXE R CMD build handles .Rbuildignore inconsistently for vignettes Sun 16:12
13 bugs found.


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