Mon May 29 2017 15:22:24 UTC
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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
16732 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Unicode characters are garbled when printing function Thu 12:00
17276 R Windows R-core UNCO --- file.copy(... failed with error: ... invalid 'time' argument Thu 15:38
17277 R Misc R-core UNCO --- all.equal(POSIXt, numeric) throws error instead of describing difference Fri 14:40
17278 R Graphics R-core UNCO --- non-consistent use of cex.axis in plot() Fri 08:24
17279 R Document R-core UNCO --- parameter "amount" is badly explained for jitter() Fri 08:43
17280 R Wishlist R-core UNCO --- Wishlist: to include value for unused factor level Sat 14:59
17120 R System-s R-core REOP --- path.expand() produces unexpected result with UTF-8 encoded strings on Unix Wed 14:26
13167 R Document jitterbug-import CLOS FIXE aggregate(empty data.frame) Wed 12:20
16454 R Windows R-core CLOS FIXE Problem with simultaneous download using download.file Thu 08:06
16918 R Analyses R-core CLOS FIXE With near-equal numbers in 'by', gives extra row Thu 20:31
17275 R Low-leve R-core CLOS FIXE Map() or mapply() causing deep copies to be made? 2017-05-22
11 bugs found.


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