Bug 16102 - Hangs on Open Dialogue
Summary: Hangs on Open Dialogue
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: R
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Mac GUI / Mac specific (show other bugs)
Version: R 3.1.2
Hardware: x86_64/x64/amd64 (64-bit) Other
: P5 major
Assignee: Simon Urbanek
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Reported: 2014-12-08 23:42 UTC by Stephen Kennedy
Modified: 2016-05-10 23:01 UTC (History)
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Description Stephen Kennedy 2014-12-08 23:42:39 UTC
R 3.1.2 (Mavericks) hangs on both the 'Open File' and 'Open Source' dialogues, running under Mac OSX (Yosemite) 10.10.1 .  Does not happen on initial 'Open', but afterwards, appears to occur each time.


Steve Kennedy
Comment 1 eaglek2011 2015-01-13 01:22:49 UTC
I can confirm this problem.  Within a week after upgrading to Yosemite, two separate Macs have experienced the same bug.  It does not happen for one to several days, but once it happens, any attempt to see the file system through the GUI (including changing the startup directory in the preferences pane) leads to a hang regardless of restarts etc.; the file directory window opens, but is not populated and the spinning wheel appears.  Good news; I re-installed the GUI (only the GUI) on one Mac, and the problem has temporarily gone away.  My other Mac is still dysfunctional; if there is something you want me to try, I'm willing.

Comment 2 Stephen Kennedy 2015-03-20 13:08:08 UTC
Just posted another bug report, still happening with R 3.1.3 and Mac OS X 10.10.2.  For me, this occurs from the first use of R.  I may install the GUI as you have done, but not too hopeful.
Comment 3 Joshua Hartshorne 2015-09-21 13:21:50 UTC
I am getting the same bug with 3.2.2-patched (downloaded today) on 10.10.5

I have been getting it for some time (several updates now).
Comment 4 Peter Dalgaard 2015-09-22 15:08:46 UTC
I think that I have said this before on the mailing lists:

We have no doubt that this issue exists, but none of the developers seem able to reproduce it. 

This won't budge until one of the following happens:

(a) Someone submits a step-by-step description to produce the hang that also works for a developer.

(b) We get sufficiently much information about what might distinguish systems where the hang occurs for those where it does not, thus enabling an educated guess at the cause.

(c) Someone who actually observes the hang upgrades his/her skills and tools to approach developer level, at least far enough to run R.app under a debugger and tell us where it is getting stuck.

Technically speaking, R.app is a separate program, so this issue is not strictly an R bug, but I'm sure that several people would offer to help if we could just get some handle on this.
Comment 5 Benjamin Miller 2015-11-19 19:18:06 UTC
I'm unfortunately far away from being able to level up to Developer, but I can at least share what triggers this bug for me. This is on Mac OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.1, but it seems exactly like what others have reported with R 3.1.2 on Yosemite. I'm hopeful this gives developers some leads on reproducing the bug.

Running R version 3.2.2 (2015-08-14) -- "Fire Safety" and R.app GUI 1.66 (6996) x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0, these steps have consistently caused my program to hang, even from a proper shutdown and fresh restart:

1) Open R.app
2) New document (cmd-n)
3) In new document, type `setwd("~/Documents")` (without backticks)
4) Execute that line of code (cmd-return)
5) Open document (cmd-o)
6) Spinning beach ball of death

The same is true whether I launch directly from Finder or if I run the program from Terminal as /Applications/R.app/Contents/MacOS/R. I can share the full stack dump if that would be helpful, but since it's a lot to throw at people, I'll wait until it's requested.

Other (potentially pertinent?) information about my setup: it's a brand new Mac Pro (Late 2013). Processor: 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5. Memory: 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC. Graphics: AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB.
Comment 6 Steven King 2016-05-10 21:37:51 UTC
I just upgraded to R version 3.3.0 running on El Capitan (10.11.4) which hangs on "Open File"
Comment 7 Steven King 2016-05-10 23:01:10 UTC
More observations. Selecting the file and right click to choose "Open With" works! However, "file-save" also hangs the R application.