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28 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
14730 R Windows R-core UNCO --- tcltk window freezes when interrupting calculations/locator function 2013-08-05
15444 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Script file save path lost 2013-09-04
16377 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Strange behaviour for polish special character "ł" 2015-05-11
16384 R Windows R-core UNCO --- share/make/ uses SHLIB_LD instead of SHLIB_LINK 2015-05-14
16513 R Windows R-core UNCO --- minimal reproducible read.fwf() example that crashes the console on windows 8 with 32-bit R 2017-02-02
16515 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Starting 64-bit R in Windows 7 Fails because calls to ntdll.dll and kernel32.dll both run as 32-bit vs. 64-bit 2016-06-17
16584 R Windows R-core UNCO --- scan() may add "\n" to UTF-8 string in some locale settings on Windows 2015-10-28
16651 R Windows R-core UNCO --- chooseCRANmirror() causes cryptnet.dll error 2016-01-04
16660 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Discordance between doc and behavior for R.home() on windows 2016-01-11
16919 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Makeconf sets BINPREF incorrectly when building packages from source 2018-01-05
17165 R Windows R-core UNCO --- normalizePath() doesn't return canonical case for long file names 2016-10-13
17193 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Console is cleared when using progress bar 2016-12-14
17295 R Windows R-core UNCO --- RTerm console jumps when focus is lost 2017-06-24
17296 R Windows R-core UNCO --- par ps keeps decrementing in Rgui graphics windows rescale="fit" after resizing 2017-06-24
17327 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Wrong integer display because of use of %ld 2017-08-19
17440 R Windows R-core UNCO --- Windows: INSTALL_opts='--merge-multiarch' does escape path properly 2018-07-02
17481 R Windows R-core UNCO --- 64bit R CMD build does not create archive in working directory (32bit R does) 2018-10-03
13870 R Windows jitterbug-import NEW --- Alt-F4 leaves RGUI console in wait state when closing some dialog boxes 2009-08-05
15782 R Windows marco_maier NEW --- (semi-)transparent "grid" elements disappear in the graphics device upon resizing 2015-05-11
15884 R Windows R-core NEW --- scan() failed to seperate Chinese Character string with spaces 2014-07-16
16127 R Windows R-core NEW --- system2 arguments are not wrapped with shQuote 2017-01-17
16208 R Windows R-core NEW --- Rgui.exe continues to use 100% CPU core after exitting if any packages are installed or upgraded. 2015-10-07
16211 R Windows R-core NEW --- When calling `R_HOME/bin/Rscript.exe' RScript does not respect escaped quotes in script arguments. 2015-02-13
16212 R Windows R-core NEW --- Invisible character in script file but shows in console when run 2015-02-16
16232 R Windows R-core NEW --- R cannot display foreign characters (reading UTF-8 text) 2015-03-03
17376 R Windows R-core NEW --- R-3.4.3 adds to default install 2018-01-12
4246 R Windows jitterbug-import ASSI --- creates directory that can't be deleted 2015-04-10
15925 R Windows R-core ASSI --- caret stuck 2014-08-19
28 bugs found.


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