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16 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
16598 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- inconsistency in sample() with particular probability vector and 0 probability weights 2015-11-12
16621 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- strptime(, tz=x) returns inconsistent gmtoff and tzone properties 2015-12-04
16733 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- as.POSIXlt sets isdst field incorrectly at the end of daylight saving time 2016-02-28
16744 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- nlme getvarcov makes assumptions about data structure, can give wrong answer 2016-03-02
16845 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- There appears to be an error computing the CDF of a non-central T distributed random variable using the pt() function 2016-04-19
16852 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- Inconsistent Date to POSIXt conversion between Windows, OS X and Linux 2016-07-20
16856 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- Addition of millisecond adds a second Fri 16:19
17271 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- phyper() returns NaN 2017-05-15
17475 R Accuracy R-core UNCO --- lm.wfit issue with small weights 2018-09-22
15628 R Accuracy R-core NEW --- dpois_raw accuracy 2014-01-10
15811 R Accuracy R-core NEW --- floating point arithmetic inaccuracy leads to incorrect results from quantile() type=2 2015-12-26
16138 R Accuracy R-core NEW --- Wishlist: add tolerance parameter to wilcox.test() and rank() for determining ties 2015-01-07
16184 R Accuracy R-core NEW --- potential numerical issues with large margins in chisq.test(..., simulate.p.value = TRUE) 2015-02-03
15554 R Accuracy R-core ASSI --- bessel function issues 2015-09-10
16332 R Accuracy R-core ASSI --- pbeta(0.555555, 1925.74, 33.7179, log=TRUE) returns -Inf 2015-04-28
16752 R Accuracy R-core REOP --- deparse, str and toString are incorrect for complex number with exponent 2018-09-01
16 bugs found.


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